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The Canva Crash Course to Branding Your Business

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Lesson 1 - Welcome to Chapter One!

In Chapter 1 we will learn:

→ How to navigate the Canva home page with ease, and make sure you're using all of Canva Pro’s features to their fullest to get the most out of your Pro membership.

→ How to set up your Canva brand kit, including logo(s), colors, and fonts including my personal feedback and direction so your followers begin recognizing you and learn to love you!

→ We'll work on getting your designs completely organized into folders so you can stop endlessly scrolling searching for that ONE design you made weeks ago.

→ We'll also dive into Branding 101 and talk about the biggest mistakes I see, what branding even means, and how to achieve a cohesive-looking brand.

→ Our ultimate goal in "The Time Saver" chapter is to start saving you TIME and ENERGY when designing future graphics, nail your brand kit, and streamline your content creation process.

Lesson 2 - Navigating the Canva Homepage

In this lesson we will review the Canva homepage as well as its features.

Lesson 3 - Brand Kit Introduction

In this lesson, I will give you a brief overview of the Canva Brand Kit before diving in and getting it all set up! I am also giving you access to my Brand Kit in 5 Easy Steps freebie as well as a BLANK Canva brand kit template in case you need to do a little research before nailing down you brand colors, fonts, and overall style! 

Lesson 4 - How to Upload Logos in Your Brand Kit

In this lesson we will review how to properly upload your logos, there is a trick! 

Lesson 5 - Choosing Your Fonts

Fonts! If you follow me and know me you KNOW I love a good font combination. Let's talk about the different fonts (heading, subheading, and body fonts) and how to combine them in a successful way. I'll also give you my top 10 font combinations if you want to use one of those please do! 

Lesson 6 - Choosing Your Color Palette

In this lesson, we will review how to choose your primary and secondary colors as well as some of my suggestions and how to use the color picker with a photo.

Please note that in this module I use an "eyedropper" tool. I have a Macbook and I've downloaded the Canva App, which I highly recommend! 

Mac users can download the Canva app which I've linked to this module, and PC users can try the Google Chrome Extension I've also linked below. 

Lesson 7 - Setting-up Your Folders

In this lesson we will review what folders are used for, how they work, how to access them, and how to stay organized.

Lesson 8 - Organizing Your Existing Designs in 3 Easy Steps

In this lesson we will review how to easily organize your existing designs.

Lesson 9A - How Canva's Content Planner Works

In this lesson, we will review how to use the content planner in Canva. Please note that I recorded this video BEFORE Canva started allowing you to post to Instagram! You'll see in the next module how that is done. 

Lesson 9B - How Canva's *New* Instagram Planner Works

Canva is keeping me on my toes! They are now allowing you to auto-publish to Instagram. Here's how (on your mobile because they won't allow me to right now on desktop) and if I'll be leaving my beloved and going all-in on Canva!

Lesson 10 - Branding 101, The Do's and the Don'ts

In this lesson you will find branding inspiration in your home, closet, on social media or Pinterest, nailing your logo down and the options you have.

Lesson 11 - Overview, Wrap Up and What's Next!

In this lesson, we will review everything we covered in this module as well as what is next!

Chapter 1 Homework reminder: post a screenshot in our Facebook group of your completed brand kit as well as a screenshot of your folders! Don't forget to tag me if you'd like my input/feedback on your brand kit!


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