The Canva Crash Course to
Branding Your Business

Want to land clients through content that looks and feels like YOU? Let me help with my simple, easy Canva course. 

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Are you tired of wasting time creating content that isn't getting the love it deserves?

HAVE YOU BEEN . . . wishing you knew what your audience wants to hear from you and the creativity and design skills to make it happen?

DO YOU FEEL LIKE . . . you've got loads of knowledge to share with your audience, but the value keeps getting lost in all the online noise?

EVER FIND YOURSELF. . . wondering how your competitors achieve Instagram feeds that look totally put-together with super engaging content that stops you mid-scroll?


Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar...

You sit down to create a simple Canva graphic, and what should take you 20 minutes has suddenly turned into 3 hours. 

You're tempted to purchase generic Canva template bundles despite knowing your content will end up looking just like everybody else’s.

You're putting in the work, posting regularly, and even encouraging engagement...only to hear crickets. (chirp chirp)

You second guess all your posts wondering if they're original enough or if it's what your audience even wants to see or hear from you?

You've got the best of intentions to stay consistent with posting, but then life gets in the way and suddenly weeks have gone by and...nada.


Imagine being able to...

Convert your followers into paying customers through effortlessly branded and engaging content.

Connect with people seeking out your services who feel like your content is speaking directly to them!

Book clients who see you as an authority and value your expertise based on your social media presence alone. 

Create content that exudes your passion for your craft so that your followers identify with it and buy from you!

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Here is my course promise.

I'll teach you my fool-proof system for creating scroll-stopping designs in Canva Pro without your having to spend endless hours so you can SAVE time, STAND OUT online, and GET MORE paying clients.

I'll teach you how to streamline your content calendar so you can save time and energy designing your graphics, allowing you more to hang with your kids or in your garden instead!

I'll share all my Canva Pro insider tricks and hacks that will make designing SO MUCH easier so that you can get more eyeballs on your amazing offers or products.

You'll learn my tried-and true-system for using Canva templates that make everything you create look effortlessly put-together and STOP looking like everybody else’s!

You'll get the tools you need to stand out online through branding that looks and feels like YOU so that you ultimately become an influence and inspiration in your niche!

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Hey there, I’m Em!

I’m an entrepreneur, marketing and branding expert, educator, and Mama to a 4-year-old and 5-year-old.

After working in fashion up in Manhattan for 10 years, I left the corporate world behind to pursue my dream of starting my own business and spending more time with my family.

I found myself thrust into the world of social media and marketing and I struggled SO much with showing my face on my feed, figuring out how to use Canva, knowing what to post, and everything in between.

I decided to make it my mission to listen, learn, and nail down fool-proof content creation systems to make the entire process of making content much easier so that I could stop feeling anxiety-ridden about my content!

I take a unique approach to online education and I pride myself on making my courses fun, simple, and super engaging.

Are you ready to start saving time on content so that you can spend more time with your kiddos, or simply in other areas of your business that light you up? 

I want to help.

The Canva Crash Course will teach you…

(Video modules spread over 4 weeks)

How to streamline your content creation process to save you time and energy when designing your graphics.

How to solve the three most common roadblocks to creating content: no time, no skills, and not knowing what to post.

How to navigate Canva Pro with confidence so you can efficiently design more content in less time.

To create effortless and cohesive branding using customizable Canva templates to grow your business.


"I had been struggling to come up with my brand colors and images for months."

"Emily’s ability to come up with creative ideas and a vision to take you and your business to the next level is astonishing. Em helped me get unstuck on my branding after just a few minutes of talking to her. My only regret is not reaching out to her sooner!"

Trilce R.  ‣  Fierce Career Coach

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Here's what's included in the course...

Time Commitment: 4 weeks long, average time commitment 2-3 hours per week.

Course Structure: This is a hybrid course including pre-recorded modules released weekly as well as a private interactive community for additional support. VIP access (if purchased) includes weekly live coaching calls with me!


module 1 canva course

→ Learn how to navigate the Canva home page with ease, and make sure you're using all of Canva Pro’s features to their fullest to get the most out of your Pro membership.

→ Set up your Canva brand kit, including logo(s), colors, and fonts including my personal feedback and direction so your followers begin recognizing you and learn to love you!

→ Get your designs completely organized into folders so you can stop endlessly scrolling searching for that ONE design you made weeks ago.

→ The ultimate goal of "The Time Saver" module is to start saving you TIME and ENERGY when designing future graphics, nail your brand kit, and streamline your content creation process.



module 2 canva course

→ I'm sharing all of my insider Canva and content creation secrets I use daily to gain the following that I have in such a short amount of time, including going viral with multiple Reels!

→ Understanding how to get a beautifully branded look and feel throughout all of your designs so that people begin to recognize your content everywhere you hang out.

→ How to effortlessly choose and combine elements, shapes, colors, and fonts to give your content a consistent look so that your followers start paying more attention to your posts.

→ The ultimate goal of "The Tell-All" module is for you to confidently use ALL of Canva Pro’s design features and take full advantage of all the tools it has to offer so you can get the most bang for your Canva Pro buck!


module 3 canva course

→ Access to OVER 40 CANVA TEMPLATES I've designed exclusively for this course for you to customize to help give you clarity and direction for your future designs.

→ Exclusively designed templates including the following for YOU to customize: (2) multi-page freebie/eBook, (2) carousel posts, (5) quote templates, (5) testimonial templates, (4) photo-based templates, (4) iPhone image templates, (4) IG story templates, (3) Reel cover images, and (4) laptop image templates

→ I'll break down my proven 5-part content creation system that will leave you less overwhelmed with content and finally able to figure out how/what and when to post on social media!

→ This will conclude the recorded course content for regular access students. VIP students will get access to a 4th week of content focused more on Instagram strategy.


module 4 canva course

VIP ACCESS includes exclusive access to a 4th bonus week of epic Instagram strategy.

→ We'll dive into my "10 golden rules" of design and branding to make sure all your Canva graphics look beautiful, professional and that message of yours can be Swarovski-clear! 

→ I'll share my IG posting checklist, the 7 components of a stellar IG bio (and I'll audit YOURS during one of our live calls), how to utilize IG stories and highlights, as well as what to do before, during, and after posting for maximum reach and engagement.

VIP Access Students: our intimate group will meet via Zoom once a week to get my eyes on your work, audit your Instagram, review your branding and designs, tackle Canva struggles, etc.

Regular Access Students: this extra bonus week also gives you the time to customize even more templates, nail down your content creation systems, and share your designs in the community group for feedback.

Now is the time to ditch all the stress and confusion around Canva AND content creation and start loving this part of your job. Let's get the results you've been after once and for all.


COURSE BONUSES INCLUDE: Expert mini-course modules from these amazing women!

kelly headshot canva course

Kelly McMullin | Brand Photographer

"How to Take Your Own Personal Branding Photos"

Kelly is a personal brand photographer and educator for creative business women who desire to maximize their impact, build client trust, and grow their profits.

May headshot canva course

May Llave |

Content Strategist

"The Art of Persuasion in Content Creation"

May is a content strategist who helps small business owners get more clients on social media with powerful content and storytelling techniques.

kelsey head shot canva course

Kelsey O'Halloran | Website Copywriter

"How to Write Website Words That Turn Readers into Dream Clients"

Kelsey is a website copywriter who helps service-based entrepreneurs turn readers into dream clients with clear, strategic, and heartfelt copy. 

anna canva course headshot

Anna Gongaware | Productivity Coach

"Finding Your Hidden Capacity to Take Action"

Anna's goal is to help you find clarity and direction, take control of your time, discover the hidden capacity in your day, and navigate setbacks when they happen.

“Em has an ability to teach skills I desperately want to learn, with humor, ease and grace."

The first thing I needed when I started my business was to identify my brand, figure out my “style,” and articulate my content pillars.  Em got me started on the right foot so I could develop my social media profile and feed with confidence.

Andrea N.  ‣  My Loyal Hound

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Next course launches in 2022!

Join the waitlist!

Course Access Options

Choose the option that fits your needs!

One Time Payment
OR 2 PAYMENTS OF $148.50 $297
  • Over 3 hours of instructional training videos
  • 38 individual lessons guiding you step-by-step​
  • Access to a private community group for the duration of the course
  • Community feedback on your branding and designs
  • Access to over 40 templates designed exclusively for you!
  • BONUS: 4 expert guest training modules
  • Lifetime Access to this course
One Time Payment
OR 2 PAYMENTS OF $248.50 $497
  • Over 4 hours of instructional training videos
  • 48 individual lessons guiding you step-by-step​
  • My personal feedback on your branding and designs
  • (4) 1 hr long weekly small group Zoom calls to review your questions, branding, and design work! ($399 value!)
  • Access to a private community group for the duration of the course
  • Access to over 40 templates designed exclusively for you!
  • BONUS: 4 expert guest training modules
  • Lifetime Access to this course

“My brand finally feels like ‘ME’ thanks to Em!”

Em makes you feel like you’re taking advice from a friend and is so down to earth which is so appreciated. I’ve already gone back so many times to watch and implement her social media strategies and tactics!

Courtney H.  ‣  Sunday's Arrow Photography

Courtney Testimonial

Must-know course details...

We officially kick off on Monday, Oct 4th, and end on Monday, November 1st.

New modules for this course will be released weekly on Monday mornings. This is to make sure you work at a measured pace that fits into your schedule!

This course is taught entirely in Canva Pro. If you're not quite ready to invest in a Canva Pro account, I recommend signing up for a free 30-day trial the day before our course begins!

After purchasing course access you will receive an email from me with "next steps." But, you will NOT receive full access to the course until Oct 4th.

Materials Needed: Canva Pro and lots of patience. I KID! I'll take it easy on you I promise.

You'll be backed by a Risk-Free 7 Day Money Back Guarantee if the course isn't all that what you thought it would be.


“Canva and social media felt really overwhelming, until I met Em!"

"Canva was one more thing to try to figure out in order to do social media “right.” Em broke it down into simple steps and gave me the confidence to create content that aligns with my brand and connects with my audience in a fun new way.”

Erin R.  ‣  Erin Ruppert Fitness & Nutrition

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But Em, what if I'm not creative?

I really believe we're all creative, we just need a little push in the right direction. I'll be giving you step-by-step instructions on how to do things like nail down your brand colors and choose your fonts. You'll also be posting your work in our private FB community for my feedback and direction!

Ok, but what if I don't have Canva Pro?

NO problem! You will, however, need it for the course since it's taught entirely in Canva Pro. So my recommendation is to sign up for a free 30-day trial the day our course begins on Oct 4th. 

Alright, what if I already have brand colors and logos?

That's fantastic! This course teaches way more than just branding. It also breaks Canva down and makes sure you're utilizing all of its features to the fullest so that you can get super organized, streamline your content creation process, and save TIME! 

Last question! Why is this better than just figuring Canva Pro out myself?

If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm constantly posting Canva and branding videos, tips and tricks. Yes, you could just take that or YouTube information, but imagine having it ALL in ONE place at your fingertips. This course will give you every Canva hack, branding direction, and design tips out there in a streamlined easy to understand format.

Course Pricing Options

Choose the option below

Join the waitlist!
One Time Payment

  • 4 hours of instructional training videos
  • Over 30 individual lessons guiding you step-by-step​
  • Access to a Private Facebook group for the duration of the course
  • Expert feedback on your branding and designs
  • Weekly group Facebook Live/Zoom training calls
  • BONUS: 4 expert guest training modules
  • Lifetime Access to this course
One Time Payment

  • 4 hours of instructional training videos
  • Over 30 individual lessons guiding you step-by-step​
  • Access to a Private Facebook group for the duration of the course
  • Expert feedback on your branding and designs
  • Weekly group Facebook Live/Zoom training calls
  • BONUS: 4 expert guest training modules
  • Lifetime Access to this course
  • (1) 45-minute 1-on-1 Zoom call with me to review your branding and design work! ($125 value)

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