Let's turn your Instagram followers into dream clients

Everything you need to create scroll-stopping, high-converting 
content to help you stand out online and get more clients!

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Want to be able to design Canva graphics that look and feel like you, speak to your people, and boost sales?

I help passionate female entrepreneurs do exactly that through online courses and one-on-one consulting – and I’d love to collaborate with you, too!

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Canva Course

I'll teach you my fool-proof system for creating scroll-stopping designs in Canva without your having to spend endless hours making content (or buying cheesy templates) so you can stand out online and attract clients.
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Branding Package

Let me take care of designing a sophisticated look-and-feel for your business, so you have time to focus on that never-ending entrepreneurial to-do list. Lost when it comes to your color palette, fonts and overall feel? 
I can help.
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IG Reels Course

Looking to have the {sometimes overwhelming} process of making a REEL broken down for you step-by-step?⁠ Set aside ONE hour and bust through this course so that you can be on your way to increasing your visibility on Instagram!⁠

"I had been struggling to come up with my brand colors and images for months."

Em understood exactly what I needed and helped me get unstuck on my branding after just a few minutes of chatting. My only regret is not reaching out to her sooner!

Trilce R.Fierce Career Coach
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Hi there, I'm Em!

I started The Creative Bodega to help like-minded, modern female entrepreneurs nail their branding and online presence with ease.

I’ve created an online course called “The Canva Crash Course to Branding Your Business” that will allow me to support other female entrepreneurs who wish to start, grow, and brand their own businesses and nail their online presence.

I take a unique approach to online education and I pride myself on making my courses fun and engaging. 

Canva Crash Course next class begins September 2021!

In this online course “The Canva Crash Course to Branding Your Business” you’ll go from feeling frustrated and confused, to feeling capable and confident as you learn all the ins-and-outs of Canva to help create a captivating and effective social media presence. If you’d like updates on the course please click below so you’re in “the know!”

“Em's has an ability to teach skills I desperately wanted to learn, with humor, ease and grace."

The first thing I needed when I started my business was to identify my brand, figure out my “style,” and articulate my content pillars. Em got me started on the right foot so I could develop my social media profile and feed with confidence.

Andrea N.My Loyal Hound
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